Hervé Jeanne Quartet

Hans Malte Witte: Sax
Eike Wulfmeier: Piano
Hervé Jeanne: Bass
Stephan Emig: Drums

Duo Hervé Jeanne (b) & Gregor Ftičar (p)

Album “Lagamas” available on Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Amazon etc…


1. Lagamas (H. Jeanne)

2. Rain (G. Ftičar)

3. I Wish I Knew (Warren/Gordon)

4. Can’t Help Falling In Love (Weiss/Creatore/Peretti)

5. Frau Kienleitner (G. Ftičar)

6. Anthill (G. Ftičar)

7. I’ll Be Seeing You (Fain/Kahal)

8. Here And Now (G. Ftičar)

9. Diplomacy (H. Jeanne)

10. Muitos Lugares (H. Jeanne)

Donata Jan Trio

Contemporary Vocal Jazz

Donata Jan: Vocals, Piano

Hervé Jeanne: Bass

Matthias Meusel: Drums

Album “Home” available on all download and streaming platforms.

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