String Matrix

Welcome to my “string matrix”. If you are a bassist searching for your sound and your strings, this is for you: Here you can listen to several string types and compare them. They were all played on the same bass.

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 If every visitor participates I promise to fill all the empty cells in the table very soon. Thank you in advance for your support!

Update Dec. 3rd 2017: Now you can also leave comments!

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Velvet Garbo
298 €
Velvet Anima
289 €
Velvet Blue
179 €
GutALike Swingmaster
Check on Amazon
GutALike Vintage + Twister E
99 + 79 €
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich
Check on Amazon
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Medium
200 €
Pirastro Obligato
185 €
Pirasro Oliv
Pirastro Eudoxa
589 €
Pirastro Chorda
500 €
Pirastro Pizzicato
Check on Amazon
Pirastro Jazzer
188 €
Innovation Honey
139 €
Innovation Braided
203 €
Innovation Silver Slaps
Thomastik Spiro M 3/4
158 €
Prestoflex M
145 €
Labella Black Nylon
Velvet Compas 360
Pirastro EP Slap
Velvet Compas 180
Presto Nylonwound
Presto Balance Hyb M
Presto Jazzicato
Innovation Super Silver


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